Friday, January 2, 2015

My Word - Year 2

Last year I chose a word to shape how 2014 would be for me. While it definitely had its twists and turns the word I chose - enamored - couldn't have been more true to how the year was for me.

I have never felt so enamored with my life than in 2014. My little boy was amazingly healthy despite his diagnosis 4 years ago with a chronic illness. My LDR came to an end and we blissfully started a relationship here and not through a computer. I started going to church. I moved from the country to the city into our own little place. I got engaged to the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I have friends and family who love me and I love them. 2014 was a great year for me and enamored was the perfect word for it.

This year I have decided to go with the word converge. I don't know if you would consider it has beautiful sounding as the word enamored but it is beautiful to me.

This will be the year that everything will come together. I'm excited about all the new beginnings and the old coming together with the new.

I know that this is the perfect word to describe 2015 for me.
I'm looking forward to it.