Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Over time

Years from now I might not remember exactly what happened today. I might not remember what happened yesterday or the day before. Next week. Next month. Those times build up, though. The little things become a big thing after some time.

I might not remember exactly what me and my boyfriend did on our dates. Over time I will only remember we have went on lots of dates. I will remember how wonderful they felt. I will know that they built our relationship into something bigger.

I might not remember all the fun things I have done with my son. All the little things. All the big things. Over time I will just remember the fun as a whole. I hope that is what he will remember, too.

I don't necessarily want to remember the bad things in my life. They are apart of life, however. I don't want to remember the pokes, prods, and tears. I don't want my son to remember that either. Over time I just want him to remember that I was there for him.

Over time, the little things we do each day might fade away but they become so much bigger.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Today is the first day of Spring. I have to say I'm really excited about its official start more than I have ever have been in years past. It is probably because this has been a long icy winter and I'm over it. Just over it.

I'm craving rain and flowers, sandals and pedicures and walking outside and not needing a heavy jacket.

The first day of Spring sounds refreshing.

I'm enamored with Spring already and it has just started.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


If I was a plant I think I would be a....

A dandelion.

A weed but a very pretty one.

You can try to get rid of it but it keeps coming back. It is strong and doesn't give up. It is pretty. When you see a field of yellow dandelions, you don't see weeds you see pretty yellow flowers. When the dandelions are whit they are just as pretty and are ready to begin the process again. Dandelions are useful. You can eat them. I never have before but you can. You can boil the leaves of a dandelion. They are good in a salad, supposedly. You can make tea of out them. You can make wine out of them. That is more up my alley. Dandelion wine. That sounds excellent. They have lots of vitamins and are quite healthy. It can strengthen the whole body.

Yep, I would definitely be a dandelion.

Friday, March 14, 2014

And Now I Owe Myself Twenty-Two Dollars

Sometimes I don't even plan to do some of the goals on my list. Sometimes they just happen.

Driving around, it dawned on me that it was Pi day! 3.14. There is only one day to celebrate that day! Eat pie! It also happens to be a goal on my 101 list. I would have loved to make a pie to celebrate the day but I had to settle for getting a hershey sundae pie from BK. It was delish...

On the same day, I was at the mall with my loves and we walked by a photobooth! One of my goals is to do a photobooth picture!  Of course, we did it! I love photobooth pictures. You can strike quite a few poses and you have a sweet souvenir to always remember.

and now I owe myself 22 for completing 2 goals!

Monday, March 10, 2014


I was searching in my room for something that I couldn't remember where I put it. It had been so long since the last time I used it and I'm not the most organized person, anyway. I didn't actually have to search very long. Thank God. Yes, Thank you, God. I was searching for my bible...

A sad thought passed over that it had been so long since I have seen my bible that I had no clue where it was but a happy thought washed over the sad one quickly. I needed my bible and I found it right away. There is probably something amazing in that. I needed my bible because the next morning I was heading to church.

I haven't been to church in years. I haven't used my bible in years. I haven't been the best Christian in years.

For not being a morning person, I woke up excited but nervous on Sunday morning. Excited and nervous to go to church years after not going. Excited and nervous at being at a church I had never been to before. Excited and nervous to FEEL that feeling(or not feel it) that I use to get at church. 

Excited and nervous, definitely.

I had been searching for my bible that Saturday night but I had been searching for something else much longer.

I think I found that again, too.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gift Shop Book

I'm a sucker for gift shops. I know that most of the things in there are nothing that I actually need but I can't help myself. I get sucked in. I totally needed little porcelain bird salt and pepper shakers, the record player that has Christmas music, the frog squirting water, the pens, notebooks, books. Oh my. They are all scream at me to buy them or at least admire them.

One book in a gift shop recently caught my big blue eyes and I had to have it. It was a cutesy book about love and I was on a date. I just had to have it.

Me and the boyfriend read this book together. I read a few pages and then he read a few pages. It was so strange that everything we read it was fitting for us to read it and not necessarily the other way around. I don't know how that was possible at all but it was really beautiful reading the book together.

Reading a book together just so happens to be one of my 101 goals on my list. I didn't actually mean read a book together like we did. I kinda thought we would pick a book and read it separately and talk about it. Very strange that we did this goal totally...by the book.

This just made me love and appreciate gift shops even more. You never know what you are going to find.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Reading My Height In Books

Almost too many books for me to carry like this anymore. All in all I have read 15 books since starting this goal of reading my height in books. There are 2 books not in this pictured. I felt like I've read more but even thinking about 15 books in 2 months. Wow. I'd say that is quite a lot of books. Many more to go!


I've read 5 books since the last time I updated. Here are 3 of the 5.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling

This was a fun easy read. I mean I read it in hours. It was funny. Mindy Kaling is funny. I knew that she wouldn't disappoint. I'd recommend this book to someone who really doesn't like to read as much as I do. I can see that type of reader enjoying this book. This also would be a good book for a plane ride or a short road trip or a beach day(I don't know what those are but some people are lucky!).

Love Saves The Day by Gwen Cooper

Oh, this sweet book. Sweet little book. It is written from a cats perspective(for the most part). It is adorable the way the cat, Prudence, sees the world. It actually was a sad story with a very happy ending. I'm a sucker for happy endings. I would have been very upset if the book didn't end happy. This is a wonderfully cute book. If you are a cat lover, go read it!

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Have you read Gone Girl? This is by the same author. I don't know if I like the book or not. It wasn't a bad book. In fact it was a decent book. It just didn't leave any lasting impressions on me. The plot of the book actually could have gone a few ways and once it didn't go the way I wanted to start to rewrite it! Hah. If there is a big thunderstorm coming up, I think I would light a few candles, grab a blanket, and curl up with this murder mystery book. See? That doesn't sound bad.