Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm Not A Hugger

When you meet people you know right away if someone is a hugger or not. The hugger will always, without hesitation, reach in for a hug. They don't even have to know you. It just comes natural to them.

Hugs can be a good thing. They provide comfort and love. It can be a wonderful way to show affection.

I am, however, not a hugger. Hugging is awkward for me. Is it invading personal space? You are definitely invading mine. Am I hugging right? Too long? Too short? I might be the only person who worries about those things. I don't know. My parents weren't really huggers, either. I'll just throw the blame on them like any good kid would do...Unlike them I will hug my child all day every day if I could! He is my exception. Well, I will hug most kids. I think my hugging anxiety is more geared toward adults.

I went to a little family get together for the holidays today. As we were all about to get into the cars the hugging started. We just really aren't the hugging type of people or maybe it is just me. I don't know. I guess looking back they all seemed fine with hugging.

Hug for you. Hug for her. Hug for him...

I hugged my brother goodbye.

It dawned on me 20 or so minutes later in the car that I don't think I've ever hugged my brother before tonight.


It was weird hugging him but even weirder knowing that I had never done that before.

I'm not a hugger but I think I'm going to hug a little more now. Especially my family.


  1. My family doesn't hug a ton, but we do occasionally. I think I used to be more of a hugger than I am now. Except my husband and kiddos. I hug them lots. My husband is a HUGE hugger but he comes from the most un-hugging and emotionally distant family, which is weird ...

  2. My parents weren't big huggers either. I find it awkward when I hug them and my sister. Yet I have become more comfortable hugging other people. Weird, right?

  3. I'm like you - not a big hugger at all! I rarely initiate the hug except with my boys and I try to be the initiater with my husband at least some times.