Thursday, May 28, 2015

Please Help, God Bless Part 1

I was driving my son to his guitar lesson and we came to a stop at a red light. On the side of the road stood a man. A man with a sign that read "Homeless Veteran Please Help God Bless". He had a knee brace on with not so nice jeans and a dirty looking t-sshirt. He was unshaven and in need of a haircut. Pretty much exactly like how you would expect to find a homeless man to look. Now there are typically two sides that people can take on this situation. How we react or don't react to the situation is our choice.

Some people don't feel sorry for the people who stand out there with a sign. Some people say that they should get a job just like everyone else. Some people think that they are lying and their signs hold no truth. Some people say they are all drunks and just bums and just trying to swindle us out of our monies.

Some people think that they are human beings just like me and you. Some people think that they might have just fallen on hard times. Some people think that standing on the corner with a sign is so very humbling. Some people think it is brave. Some people know the struggle that is life and feel so deeply for these strangers we see.

I suppose the last paragraph sums up me.

Sitting at a red light that I know will turn green at any second I hurriedly looked for money in my clutch sitting beside me. In there was nothing because I tend to use my bank card for everything. My heart kind of dropped. I wanted to help. I wanted to give this man hope in humanity. I wanted to do what I could for him.

Suddenly, I remembered that I keep spare dollars in my console area for parking garage fares and what not and low and behold there was some money. It was only $2 but it was all I had to give. I could only hope it would help the man I was about to pass it through the window to. I will never know because once I gave him the $2 the light turned green and I was back on my mission of taking my little boy to his guitar lessons.

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