Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Over time

Years from now I might not remember exactly what happened today. I might not remember what happened yesterday or the day before. Next week. Next month. Those times build up, though. The little things become a big thing after some time.

I might not remember exactly what me and my boyfriend did on our dates. Over time I will only remember we have went on lots of dates. I will remember how wonderful they felt. I will know that they built our relationship into something bigger.

I might not remember all the fun things I have done with my son. All the little things. All the big things. Over time I will just remember the fun as a whole. I hope that is what he will remember, too.

I don't necessarily want to remember the bad things in my life. They are apart of life, however. I don't want to remember the pokes, prods, and tears. I don't want my son to remember that either. Over time I just want him to remember that I was there for him.

Over time, the little things we do each day might fade away but they become so much bigger.

1 comment:

  1. This is so good Meagan! and so true. It's crazy how all the little things create this giant memory that's more of a feeling than an actual recollection of events :)