Friday, March 14, 2014

And Now I Owe Myself Twenty-Two Dollars

Sometimes I don't even plan to do some of the goals on my list. Sometimes they just happen.

Driving around, it dawned on me that it was Pi day! 3.14. There is only one day to celebrate that day! Eat pie! It also happens to be a goal on my 101 list. I would have loved to make a pie to celebrate the day but I had to settle for getting a hershey sundae pie from BK. It was delish...

On the same day, I was at the mall with my loves and we walked by a photobooth! One of my goals is to do a photobooth picture!  Of course, we did it! I love photobooth pictures. You can strike quite a few poses and you have a sweet souvenir to always remember.

and now I owe myself 22 for completing 2 goals!

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