Monday, March 3, 2014

Reading My Height In Books

Almost too many books for me to carry like this anymore. All in all I have read 15 books since starting this goal of reading my height in books. There are 2 books not in this pictured. I felt like I've read more but even thinking about 15 books in 2 months. Wow. I'd say that is quite a lot of books. Many more to go!


I've read 5 books since the last time I updated. Here are 3 of the 5.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling

This was a fun easy read. I mean I read it in hours. It was funny. Mindy Kaling is funny. I knew that she wouldn't disappoint. I'd recommend this book to someone who really doesn't like to read as much as I do. I can see that type of reader enjoying this book. This also would be a good book for a plane ride or a short road trip or a beach day(I don't know what those are but some people are lucky!).

Love Saves The Day by Gwen Cooper

Oh, this sweet book. Sweet little book. It is written from a cats perspective(for the most part). It is adorable the way the cat, Prudence, sees the world. It actually was a sad story with a very happy ending. I'm a sucker for happy endings. I would have been very upset if the book didn't end happy. This is a wonderfully cute book. If you are a cat lover, go read it!

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Have you read Gone Girl? This is by the same author. I don't know if I like the book or not. It wasn't a bad book. In fact it was a decent book. It just didn't leave any lasting impressions on me. The plot of the book actually could have gone a few ways and once it didn't go the way I wanted to start to rewrite it! Hah. If there is a big thunderstorm coming up, I think I would light a few candles, grab a blanket, and curl up with this murder mystery book. See? That doesn't sound bad.


  1. I love Mindy Kaling's book! She is hilarious and her book was as well.

  2. good book reviews. i'm currently reading the orphan master's son.