Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Project In The Making

My grandmother passed away on April 20th. Just last week. Doesn't really seem all that real even after the celebration of life service. My heart is hurting as is everyone else's heart in my family. She was a pretty amazing woman and really passionate about cooking. You would never leave her house with your tummy not full. That is even if she knew you or not. Her kitchen was always open.

When I was staying at her house for her service this week I was in her kitchen quite a bit putting out food for all of the people stopping by and family visiting. I was surrounded by her recipes. Her wonderful amazing recipes that I have warmed my heart and belly since I was just a baby.

I gathered all of the recipes that she had written and made copies of them late one night. What better way to remember my grandmother always then with her own handwriting and her own recipes.

Now what to do with them is the question. I'm thinking a beautiful scrapbook will do them justice.
That is my project in the making


  1. Yes, you need to honor them and do something special with them. I have my mother's cookbook with handwritten recipes in it. Recipes that have been passed down from other generations. I love opening it and making something from it. It's like touching the past.

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandmother - how wonderful that you have all of these recipes of her to remember her by and carry on her traditions in cooking.