Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Bull

After another long day dealing with...well, life. I sat down and started watching television just to get my mind off of everything. I find that junk TV sure is a great medicine if you want to just stop thinking about what the day brought to the table. But even a television show can deliver quite a punch.

The show was about a failing business. The owner needed help and basically someone was brought in to help him. She brought him somewhere where there was a mechanical bull. He tried to ride and fell off. He tried again and rode it for a little longer before falling off again.

It is a pretty straight forward lesson. When life throws you on the ground, pick yourself up and keep on trying. This message can be taught with a bull, lemons, a horse or whatever. Even though it is a 'duh' message it was definitely something I needed to hear right now.

These last couple months have been trying at best.

So, here I am looking right and that bull and saying 'bring it'.


  1. Yep that's what you need to do especially with that cutie you have to take care of :o)

  2. Well said! Glad to see you blogging again btw :O)