Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Enveloped In Love

I think this post should be titled "How To Win Brownie Points With Your Boyfriend" but somehow I don't think that comes off quite so loving sounding. If that was the title I could definitely point you in the right direction because I scored a million brownie points with my boyfriend on a date I planned for him.

Me and the boyfriend usually have Monday Day Dates but this one was a little special. I had the whole day planned out and it was a surprise! I'm bad with surprises so I'm proud I didn't let anything slip. I picked him up early in the morning and wouldn't tell him where we were going. This was a tad difficult to do because he lives in the city and I don't. I only know how to get to certain things in the city like the hospital and the bars. Sometimes I need to go to both of those things in the same night. Just sayin'. Kidding. Kidding.

Along the way I handed him envelopes that had cute little things written inside of them. They all started out with "I love you because..." and they had to do with what we were currently doing. When he held my hand in the car. When he looked at me a certain way. It was all about timing with the envelopes. It worked out perfect. It was such a sweet and simple way to show him how much I love him.

The envelopes were definitely a key part of the surprise but the destination was special on its own. M has been wanting to go there for awhile now. I brought him to the Big Four Pedestrian Bride in Louisville, KY. You walk across the Ohio river. It is a pretty spectacular view. I knew it would be cold but 45 degrees sounded a lot warmer than the 5 degrees it has been. Who am I kidding? It was still cold and quite icy! It was still special. We walked together and he opened a few more envelopes along the way.

One of the envelopes said "I love you because we go together like peanut butter and jelly". I made him lunch! I made PB&J's and brought a few other goodies along with a big ol' blankey to keep us warm.

It was an amazing Monday Day Date. I'm so happy that I could do something special for M. He is always planning and doing wonderful things for me. He wins the best boyfriend award all the time. I won best girlfriend award on this date.

I know this because he never stopped smiling and what a gorgeous smile he has.


This was a goal on 101 goal list.


  1. Awww! That sounds like it really was fun! Guys can be so hard to surprise, so good job catching him off-guard!

  2. Such a sweet date! He looks like he loved it.

  3. you are the sweetest girlfriend ever!