Monday, February 17, 2014

Hearts&A Check Mark

It was Valentine's Day. One of my favorite days of the year. The weather wasn't sure if it wanted to cooperate. Marshall, my boyfriend, decided to take me and Gage out to lunch. By going to lunch we definitely avoided the crowds. Seemed like this lunch was going to be a good lunch.

Unfortunately, things started to go bad. We were sat at a high top table in the bar area. My 6 year old child isn't tall enough to reach the seats on his own not to mention it is in the bar area! We get settled. We order. Our food takes forever to get there. We ordered sandwiches and chicken tenders. Our drinks were sitting there empty. When our food got there, mine was not great and I didn't eat it. All in all for me, it wasn't a pleasant dining experience.

Then I remembered what I just posted about the perfect meal. I looked at my 2 boys and decided I was going to enjoy this lunch no matter what. It was Valentine's Day. I had the 2 greatest Valentine's with me. It didn't matter that the service and food were not outstanding. The meal was perfect.

Since, it was Valentine's Day and at this point I'm sure the waitress thought she wasn't going to get a good tip I decided to go ahead and 100% tip her. It is on my 101 goal list to do. Marshall was paying for the actual lunch but I decided since it was my goal I should leave the 100% tip. Luckily, I had exactly that much in cash. Funny how that worked out!

Goal Completed! Woohoo!

Valentine's Day was an adventure for us. It didn't stop there. The whole day brought on more crazy, crazy ,crazy times but it was a wonderful day. I got to spend it with my 2 loves. That is what counts!

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  1. That's awesome, I'm sure you completely made her day. It's also nice that you were able to look past the service and quality of food to enjoy your perfect meal with those important to you!