Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Day Of Warm Weather And Dino Hunting

I feel like winter is never going to end. Do I feel like this every year? Probably. The fall of the year is my favorite time of year but you won't hear any complaints from me when spring and summer finally hit. It has been so cold this. A few little spurts of snow but nothing major in that department.

When this past Monday came about, it was so beautiful outside! It was still cold but the sun was shining and it didn't feel that bad outside. We have been cooped up in the house for so long we decided to take advantage of the amazing weather and head outside.

After playing with Gage's new outside toys he got at Christmas we decided to on an adventure. Gage decided that we were going to go look for dinosaurs because that is what 6 year old little boys do. So, exploring we went with a field journal, a pen, and a camera strapped around my neck.

"Mama, just take the picture already! I got dino's to hunt!"

This, apparently, is where dino's are held captive but we just missed them.

A dino must have trampled this gate!

This fence must keep the dino's enclosed. They have to be around somewhere!

I'm sad to report that no dinosaurs were found on our adventure. We took plenty of notes in the field journal and can't wait to back out when it is warm again. The day after this the weather turned cold again and isn't expected to get warm for awhile!

The dino hunting is to be continued...


  1. Dino hunting sounds like fun.

    We had a warm weekend and you bet we were out. Today is back to freezing. Blah.

  2. That's fantastic. You are one cool mom! :)