Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Style

I got my nails did. I always feel like a cute lil thang when I get them done. I just get the french shellac manicure. It is a pretty classic look. I have to shellac my nails because of how much I use my hands at work. They are always in water, chemicals, and a other hair stylist tools. The shellac makes me have pretty nails for almost 2 weeks as oppose to regular polish that would be gone by the end of the day.

My boo thang comes home from South America in a few days. This weekend I'm going to do a lot of pamperin' and gettin' all purdy for him. I see a deep conditionin', leg shavin', toenail polishin', purple shampooin', and facial-in' in my future this weekend!
Bring it on!


  1. i have yet to try shellac, so late to the game

  2. Your nails look lovely! I haven't tried shellac yet, because I have commitment issues and change my polish four times in seven days.