Thursday, January 9, 2014

Enamored No More

I've had my first bout of trouble already with my one word for the year, enamored.

Earlier this week I was flying on cloud nine. I thought this word would be a breeze. I had never felt more enamored with life ever before. The sun shined brighter, the cold didn't seem so cold, the laughs were more frequent, a smile hardly left my face. I loved that feeling. I want to keep that feeling. I wish I could have bottled it up for the bad days that surely were to come. Nothing is perfect, after all. Unfortunately, I didn't know bad days were coming so soon and I'm not quite sure if it is possible to bottle up the feeling of being enamored.

What do you do when the days seem grayer? How do you fix a broken heart? Where did my smile go? When will the cold stop being so cold? Why does my heart hurt so bad? Who knows these answers to my questions?

Probably no one.

Come back to me, enamored life.

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  1. Hi Meagan, thanks for stopping by my blog! UGG lovers/warm feet lovers unite :) One way I deter stress or a gloomy mood is by keeping a gratitude journal. I haven't got the post up on the blog yet.. but essentially I write 5 things I'm grateful for down daily. It can be one word or sentence.. nothing really takes too long when you do it this way. :) Then at the end of my day I can go back through and remember the good, or when I'm starting to stress or obsess I can go through it and smile. Not take the bad moments so seriously. They do not rule my days :) Good luck. Sorry you are having a rough couple of days. : / - Alexandra

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