Friday, January 3, 2014

Almost A Million Bucks

Almost a million bucks was how I felt like on NYE...

Knowing that I wouldn't get my midnight kiss from my love I decided to make the best out of NYE and go out with my best friends. We had a hotel room and open bar tickets to a pretty cool place in Louisville. I had a beautiful dress and my hair was perfect.

Dress: Overture Dress from Anthropologie

Hair by me!
(the lighting was horrible. I had to make this BW)

I was feeling pretty good going out that night. Unfortunately, the lack of food for the day and a few cocktails did me in and I got really sick shortly after midnight. The girls had to bring me back to the hotel. I felt awful for ruining everyone's big night but I guess that's what best friends do for each other. We stayed up giggling in bed until we finally fell asleep. It wasn't what we all thought we would be doing but it was still a pretty good way to start 2014.

And at least we looked good doing it...


  1. It's fun to dress up and do your hair fancier than usual for a special holiday! If you couldn't spend it with your guy, the next best thing with with good friends!

  2. Wow, your hair looks amazing! That's pretty impressive to do that kind of intricate style all by yourself. Pretty necklace too.

    1. Its a french braid and some curls and I'm also a hair stylist!

  3. I love your blog