Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Favorite Accessory

My bathroom as a hanging jewelry organizer. It filled with all my favorite jewelry. Some big and some small. Some expensive and some not so expensive. I am not that prejudice toward jewelry. I even like "ugly" jewelry...and sometimes I will even wear it! Sometimes I don't wear any jewelry at all. It kind of comes in waves. I'll wear jewelry every day and then not wear jewelry for weeks. I do what I want :)

A few pieces of my jewelry

When I think about my most favorite piece. I think of a piece I have been wearing every day. I only take it off when I am showering. I probably should take it off when I am working but I can't even imagine being without it for that long! It is still holding up quite well despite the abuse it takes at work. I feel really naked now when it isn't on me. I love my bracelet...or should I say his bracelet.

The bracelet

My love left this bracelet that he wore on my bathroom sink the night before he left for his trip. I didn't even notice it until well into the next day. It just mixed it in with all my other jewelry that I had not put away yet. When I saw it I cried. I put it on and I knew I was going to wear this every day until he comes home. He actually comes home in about 20 days give or take! I'm excited!

I don't know if I'm going to give the bracelet back when he comes home. I've grown rather fond of it! We will see...


  1. The first time I read this, I couldn't comment. I feel pretty inadequate in the commenting department still, but I have to comment. Because I love this. Thank you.